Year 7 Chaplaincy Away Days

Year 7 Chaplaincy Away Days


Year 7 students recently embarked on their Chaplaincy Away Days, rounding up the first part of their Autumn Term, at Paccar Scout Camp in Chalfont St Peter.

Each half of the year group spent a day making the most of the various outdoor activities available on site, including laser tag, abseiling, leap of faith and axe throwing to name a few.

The away days provide a wonderful opportunity for all students to build on current friendships, create new ones and get to know members of staff better. The feedback received has been very positive from Year 7 students as to what a fun time they all had.

Ruth M has shared her thoughts on the day: "I found the PACCAR day out to be a once in a lifetime experience because there were so many things I had never tried before.

Being out there has helped me develop multiple relationships with others and also taught me how to enjoy being in a team. We all encouraged each other and supported one another and even when some people decided that an obstacle was too large, they did it for the sake of their team. What had really stood out to me was the fact that I had really enjoyed spending time with my classmates, not only indoors but also outdoors. When we were playing or climbing, I loved that feeling of thinking that my classmates were a big group of friends from out of school and that we just had a day out to enjoy ourselves and get together.

My favourite part was when I did the Fall of Faith because I really had to have the courage to climb up a wobbly, steep pole and then in the end, jump to grab a dangling metal bar which was really fun!"