Our Digital Strategy

Bishop Ramsey utilises digital technology to empower every learner and member of staff to be an independent, curious and critical thinker, where every lesson is engaging and creative and every day an opportunity to experience the world beyond the classroom.  

Our Digital Vision is focussed on enhancing the school’s engagement with digital tools and innovations. The vision statements below reflect our ambition to ‘experiment, innovate and explore new ways of working and learning’ to deliver an enhanced and immersive digital experience for our entire learning community. This means

  • one-to-one devices enable all students to be included, independent, collaborative and equipped for the world of work
  • students will have enhanced digital expertise and confidence, using a range of software and online platforms to support them to engage in learning anywhere
  • staff will utilise the opportunities offered by the cloud environment to share resources and work collaboratively with students and with each other to support learning, administration and school life
  • everyone has access to our digital network that connects and enhances communication and learning.

For the school, the use of digital tools to support students and staff, enhances student learning and also offers efficiencies in administration, flexibiity and support for the student experience. By providing exposure to a range of tools and approaches, our Digital Strategy promotes and enhances awareness and use of transferable skills beyond the taught curriculum.