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Values and Vision

Our Values Statement

Bishop Ramsey School is a Christian Learning Community and a member of the Veritas Educational Trust. The Trust’s motto is ‘Where all are valued’ and the Trust’s values, to which our school subscribes, are those of

Wisdom - The knowledge and experience to make good decisions and sound judgements.

Courage - The determination to persevere when faced with challenges and to act with integrity.

Respect - To show consideration and care for self, others and our environment.

As a school, we recognise that every individual is created in the image of God.

We seek to nurture each member of our community to develop their skills and abilities in a positive and ordered learning environment, so that students mature into responsible and caring adults, and that all members of our school community recognise the value of every individual in God's eyes.

As a Church of England school we wish students to grow in the Christian faith. While being firmly committed to this, we encourage an understanding of and a respect for those of other faiths and of none.

The principle of Christian stewardship underpins our approach to the use of the school's resources.

Our approach to our relationships is based on the Christian view of God's love for each of His human children and of Jesus' command to forgive and love our fellows. We base our approach to achievement and the provision of opportunities for development on Jesus' statement that he came to offer 'life in all its fullness' (John 10:10).

Our Vision

Our intention is that every learner be empowered, every lesson excellent, every school day a rich experience, every relationship a positive encounter and together we are a community looking outwards and beyond.

Our distinctive Christian Vision

The vision and values of both the school and Trust are rooted in the Biblical principal of hope and in John 10:10. The vision of students developing in Learning, Loving and Living carries many parallels with the Church of England’s Vision for Education which was very helpful in developing our own and in underpinning our decisions and work.