At Bishop Ramsey School we aim to nurture each member of our community and the wellbeing of staff is a high priority.

Our staff routinely go the extra mile for our students. Having quality time to switch off from work at the end of a day/working week/term and recharge in order to be in the best position to support our students the next time they are in school is very important. This is modelled by the SLT and Trustees to the entire school and our reasoning is explained to and respected by parents/carers. This includes there being no expectation (and in fact it is to be avoided with the need to report safeguarding concerns being the only exception) that emails should be sent, read or responded to between 18:00 and 07:00 on weekdays and not at all on weekends or during holidays. 

In our busy world, where the immediacy of the digital age can lead to an 'always on' position, rest does not always come easily. We often have to teach ourselves to rest in body, mind, and spirit. Learning to rest keeps us healthy and keeps fatigue out of our lives and is part of our commitment to our Christian learning community to follow God's desire for us to rest (Mark 6:31; Psalm 127:1-2) 

Some examples of what we offer and our staff value at Bishop Ramsey include:

  • an Occasional Day, attached to a weekend, in the lead up to Christmas
  • the annual Ramsey Day which extends one of the holiday breaks
  • time gained through running our Friday afternoon Professional Learning sessions aggregate into an extended break at October half-term in comparison with most schools
  • a whole school Moderation Day in late Spring to reduce impact on staff of cover work needing to be prepared
  • provision of cakes, fruit etc. for staff on a number of days throughout the year
  • cycle to work scheme
  • childcare vouchers
  • Employee Assistance Provider (CiC), an independent, confidential advice service, providing practical advice or emotional support. This service can support staff with personal issues ranging from debt advice to face to face counselling and is paid for by the school, so is free to staff and their dependants
  • Buzz Nights where each Faculty takes it in turn to organise a social event for anyone in the school that would like to attend. The events happen half termly and are a good way to get to know and talk to staff
  • all new staff and anyone ‘new to role’ are allocated a ‘buddy'
  • tea/coffee/sugar and milk provided free of charge and available in the Staff Room and staff kitchens across the school
  • staff Summer and Christmas Socials
  • creative Wellbeing sessions throughout the year