Access & Inclusion (SEND)

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Students with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND), including those with Education Healthcare Plans (EHCPs), are able to obtain extra help and guidance with their studies from the Access and Inclusion Team. The Access and Inclusion Centre (AIC) is a specially equipped Faculty within the school with its own dedicated suite of specialist rooms. The AIC is staffed by an experienced SEND Manager and comprises Higher Level Teaching Assistants and Teaching Assistants under the leadership of the Head of Faculty who is also the SENDCO. To assist them in their work the school also has a Student Welfare Officer who works closely with the Educational Welfare Officer. The school also benefits from the expertise of an Educational Psychologist to assist in the process of diagnosis and support for students with special needs, as well as a range of external provision for speech and language, visual and auditory impairment, counselling and mental health.

SEND provision takes the form of supporting individual students within the classroom as well as by withdrawal of small groups or individuals for extra work with basic skills including the weakest readers. Wherever possible, programmes are arranged to minimise the effect on the main curriculum. The AIC Team team also offers advice and strategies to staff to assist them with their teaching of children within their classes who may require extra help and guidance.

Head of Access & Inclusion Faculty and SENDCO - Leo Robinson

A member of the Trust Board is also appointed as SEND Trustee to regularly review SEND, although the Trust Board as a whole is responsible for making provision for students with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Information on the Local Authority’s SEND Local Offer can be found at

LB Hillingdon SEND Local Offer