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The Modern Foreign Languages Faculty strives to develop, maintain and stimulate students' curiosity, interest and enjoyment in the process of learning foreign languages. We have very high expectations of student commitment, and we support students for them to achieve the very best that they are capable of. The Faculty motto of “Languages for all, languages for life” drives the work we do to provide a curriculum which supports students who may need that from time to time but also extends for students who are keen to push themselves further.

The Faculty currently offers two languages: French and Spanish. Each of these languages offers its own unique appeal and can support the achievement of students in many of the other subjects offered at Bishop Ramsey School. The study of a modern language can give students a unique window into the wider world, as well as develop practical skills which can help students develop across the curriculum.

Key Stage 3

The Year 7 cohort learn either French or Spanish, depending on the year half that they are in. They then pursue this language choice for the rest of their time at Bishop Ramsey. Classes are arranged in mixed ability groups to maximise engagement with the range of ability and gender profile of the groups carefully arranged to ensure a balance across the ability range.  We make full use of the potential for independent learning offered by the 1-to-1 devices and we expect students to use these as support and to have them ready for each lesson. 

Key Stage 4 Spanish

Edexcel 1SP0


Key Stage 5 Spanish

Edexcel 9SP0

We believe that understanding and speaking Spanish is an advantage as this language is becoming of greater importance. Spanish is a popular second language having more than 400 million speakers worldwide. It is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world (after English, Chinese and Hindustani). It is an official language on four continents and is of historical importance elsewhere.

As a result of its historical links, Spanish and Hispanic Culture is wide-reaching, varied and culturally rich. We hope to nurture a love of all things Hispanic in order to widen our students’ cultural knowledge.

We offer trips to Spain to learn about Spanish culture and language. We also take students to see Spanish plays in the West End. 

When appropriate, we take students to see Spanish plays in the West End.  We also take students to Spanish restaurants to consolidate their knowledge of food vocabulary. 

Studying a foreign language at Bishop Ramsey

Throughout the language learning process, students develop a range of other skills which are important across the curriculum and in future life.  Our methodology of learning languages aims to process extensively key vocabulary, grammar and phonics using the teacher as a model of excellent language.  Students are required to learn topic-based vocabulary from Pearson textbooks, and this is tested weekly. We also include opportunities to study real life cultural materials through songs, poems, films and short extracts from books to bring the language to life and to enable students to gain an appreciation for the culture of the target language country. 

It is important to note, that despite the developing use of English, a Language qualification in French or Spanish is very highly regarded. Many prestigious universities look favourably at the study of a language in the application process. Moreover, given our school’s prime location near Heathrow and the ease of access to Europe, additional languages can give students the edge that others may not have and opens a wealth of job opportunities. Foreign Languages combine well with a range of other subjects and can complement the Arts, the Humanities and Sciences.

Edexcel GCSE Spanish 1SP0
Edexcel GCE Spanish 9SP0


We encourage students to take part in a range of activities and the European Day of Languages is a very popular event at the beginning of the year – we hold language themed competitions for each Key Stage and encourage students to engage with the importance of languages for life.

We invite speakers or companies in to run events or to give talks on the benefits of learning a foreign language and the career opportunities that this offers across a whole range of disciplines.

We also offer clubs for students to participate in. There is a weekly lunchtime KS3 MFL club and several weekly KS4 MFL support sessions that are offered to students after school.

Year 8 students take part in a range of workshops during the Spring Term MFL Curriculum Day. The programme includes sessions on Caribbean Culture, Brazilian Theatre, Celt Roots, Romanian, Italian, French Baking, Flamenco Dancing and Día de los Muertos Crafts.

The MFL Faculty try to engage students in all aspects and have their own X feed @MFL_BR which is used to update students on interesting articles, excellent classwork, trip pictures etc.

Community Languages

At Bishop Ramsey we are also able to facilitate additional GCSE Community Languages. Currently these are Italian and Polish, but this is depending on staffing.

Community Languages are facilitated at Bishop Ramsey by students sitting exams in these languages alongside their main MFL (French or Spanish) and gaining an additional MFL GCSE.

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