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History has shaped the world in which we live and the people that we are. Students study the history of Britain, Europe and the wider world, making connections and comparisons between different world perspectives. Across their studies, they will develop key historical skills such using evidence, analysing interpretations and making judgements on the significance of events.

Key Stage 3

The following are examples of the units that the students will study during this Key Stage

Year 7:

How did the Silk Roads shape our world?

What does Mansa Musa’s life reveal about Medieval Mali?

Year 8:

Why do Historians disagree on the British Empire?

Is Olusoga right that slavery enabled Britain to thrive?

Year 9:

Why do we learn about the Holocaust?

How has terrorism developed in the modern world?

Key Stage 4

GCSE History

Edexcel 1H10 BN

Students study the following units:

• Crime and Punishment c1000 – Present day

• Saxon and Norman England 1060 - 1088

• Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 -1939

• The Cold War and Superpower Relations 1941 – 1991

Edexcel GCSE History 1H10 BN
Key Stage 5

A Level History

AQA 7041 1C 2N

Students study three topics. Two are assessed with final exams at the end of the two-year course. The final is assessed via coursework.

The Tudor Dynasty 1485 - 1603

Students will investigate all five of the Tudor monarchs. Students will focus on how each of the monarchs attempted to consolidate their power and the different threats and challenges that they faced. This makes up 40% of their final grade.

Revolution and Dictatorship: Russia and the Soviet Union, 1917–1929

Students will cover the end of Tsarist Russia and the Russian Revolution. They will then study the rules of Lenin and Stalin and asses their impact on Russia.  This makes up 40% of their final grade.


Students also produce one piece of coursework which makes up 20% of their final grade. It is on the Civil Rights Movement in America over a 100 year period.

AQA GCE History 7041 1C 2N


History students have been lucky enough to go on several trips which directly link to their programmes of study. In recent years students have visited Vietnam and Germany as well as trips to the Battlefields in France and Belgium. At GCSE, we visit Whitechapel annually for a walking tour to support the learning for our Crime and Punishment environment case study on Jack the Ripper.

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