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The ICT and Computing curriculum is part of a 7-year journey which follows the school’s aims of Learning, Loving, Living. For example, we prepare students to be resilient in their learning and to work collaboratively and safely whilst living in an ever-changing world of technology. The curriculum is designed to ensure students experience a balance of the technical theory of how computers work, and the practical skills involved with using them. Our schemes of learning use examples of real-world problems which require students to design, produce and evaluate different solutions. The ICT and Computing curriculum is specifically created to suit different styles of learners, encompassing both logical and creative thinkers, and provides a platform for students of a range of abilities to succeed. Our students are encouraged to develop independence and take risks in order to help overcome any future challenges they may face.

Key Stage 3

ICT and Computing is a compulsory subject across Years 7, 8 and 9 with students receiving one lesson per week in Year 7 and 8 and three lessons per fortnight in Year 9. The KS3 curriculum helps students explore a range of topics and skills, laying the foundation for further development as a scholar of ICT or Computer Science. The Schemes of Learning also give students key skills to help them excel in other subjects as well as in their future careers.

Please see the specific subject information for the Key Stage 4 courses of Computer Science and iMedia to see the continuum.

Subject Documents Date  
ICT and Computing Learning Journey 07th Jun 2023 Download
Year 7 ICT PoS 13th Jun 2023 Download
Year 8 ICT PoS 13th Jun 2023 Download
Year 9 ICT PoS 13th Jun 2023 Download