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Key Stage 4 

Edexcel Business 1504

Business is currently taught at GCSE for our Year 11 students and is delivered through the Edexcel Syllabus. Topics areas (themes) of marketing, finance, operations and Human resources are present. There is a greater emphasis in the entrepreneur and start-up businesses.

Edexcel GCSE Business 1504
Key Stage 5 

Edexcel Business 9BS0

A-level Business is a two-year course and students complete three exams, each which are two hours long. 

Students study the Edexcel specification which, in the first year covers Marketing and People alongside Global Business. These topics combined make up the content tested in Paper 1 for A Level Business.

Business in the second year covers the financial aspects of managing a business and strategic business decision making. These topics combine to make the content for Paper 2.

All Business students sit a third paper in which there is no additional content but instead a pre-released context document upon which they are expected to apply their understanding of the context to unseen stimulus material.  A new context is given each year and will relate to the examination series for the following summer.

It is not a requirement to have studied Business before and whilst it would be an advantage the past has proved that many capable students who have not, still go on to achieve high grades. A significant number of students go on to choose Business related university courses. Additionally, a high relative number go on to undertake a modern apprenticeship often in Accounting or Marketing.

Edexcel GCE Business 9BS0

Independent Learning

At KS5 independent learning is essential through prereading content from slides / online resources. Students are expected to complete a post-lesson review and understand the demands of the exam through completing short answer questions, essay writing, re-drafting work, past exam papers and revision.


Enrichment trips are an important part of the learning experiece for our students and will change year on year depending on availability of organisations that can be visited.

We also run Enterprise Events including Enterprise Week and the10X Challenge.


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